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TellerNet - Personal Credit Union Online

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BVFCU is pleased to present TellerNet - Personal Credit Union Online to our members. TellerNet is a combination of Online Banking and BillPayer services. TellerNet allows you to access your BVFCU account information from this web site.

Members participating in e-Statements can access TellerNet at NO COST! If you do not participate in e-Statements, you can still have TellerNet access for a low annual fee (also waived for Value Checking and Visa CheckCard accounts).

Why not get INTOUCH and ONLINE with your credit union today? Start taking advantage of the following conveniences - available to you with the click of the mouse:

Personal Finance Service

  • Review account history and check account balances on all share and loan accounts. Your information is real-time and delivered with up-to-the minute accuracy.
  • Inquire about details on recently cleared checks.
  • Transfer funds to and from your accounts. Make loan payments by transferring from savings or checking.
  • Make a withdrawal and have a check sent to your home.
  • Apply for a loan on-line.

BillPayer Service

BillPayer Services are available at NO CHARGE (inactive accounts will be charged $4.95 per month).

  • Send out one-time or recurring payments
  • Add any payee that you want - public or private
  • View pending payments and keep track of when your payments are scheduled to be sent.
  • Review bill payment history

Other Services

  • e-Statements
  • Change your password
  • Change your e-mail address


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