Overdraft Protection & Courtesy Pay

Overdraft Protection

Your check writing ability is not limited to the amount you have on deposit in your checking account. If you over-draft your checking account balance, funds can be transferred from your regular savings account as long as the funds are available. There is a charge of $4.00 per daily occurrence for this service.

Courtesy Pay (A Discretionary Overdraft Service)

Have You Ever...

  • Made an honest mistake in your checkbook? Found yourself "a little short"?
  • Had unusual or unforeseen expenses at just the wrong time?

Courtesy Pay can mean...

  • You can avoid high charges from merchants for returned checks
  • You have new convenience and flexibility in managing your funds

Eligible account holders will receive an 'Announcement Letter' and complete 'Courtesy Pay Policy' as this service is applied to their accounts.

We will charge our normal non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges, as set forth in our fee schedule, for each item that would create an overdraft on your account.  However, the check will be honored and not returned as NSF.