Calculate Your Consumer Loan Payments

Vehicle Loans
Vehicle Years APR* as low as Terms
2022-2023 2.49% Up to 60 Months
2022-2023 3.49% Up to 72 Months
2019-2021 3.49% Up to 60 Months
2019-2021 4.49% Up to 72 Months
2016-2018 4.49% Up to 60 Months
2013-2015 5.49% Up to 48 Months
No application fee. 100% financing including tax, title and manufacturer's extended warranty.
Signature Loans
APR* as low as Terms
7.50% Up to 12 Months
8.50% Up to 24 Months
9.50% Up to 36 Months
10.50% Up to 48 Months
$500 - $5,000. Larger amounts and longer terms available. No application fee.
Share Secured
APR* as low as Terms
4.5% above current dividend rate Up to 48 Months
Longer terms available. No application fee.
Share Certificate Secured
APR* as low as Terms
2.75% above rate at which certificate was issued Term cannot exceed certificate maturity
Borrow up to value of certificate including accrued dividends. No application fee.

Calculate Your Real Estate Loan Payments

Home Equity
APR* as low as Terms
2.99% Up to 5 Years
3.49% Up to 10 Years
4.25% Up to 15 Years
5.25% Up to 20 Years
$10,000 -$200,000
No Closing Costs
Home Equity Line of Credit
APR* Terms Amount
Prime+0%** The floor (lowest) rate is 4% APR. Open $10,000 -$200,000***
**Based on the Prime Rate published in the Wall Street Journal
***75% of the appraised value less first mortgage balance

Other types of loans and rates available upon request. Please call, or e-mail , for terms and conditions.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates are subject to change without notice. Rates are based on the type of loan, term of loan and your credit worthiness.