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Account Verification

Our auditing firm, Cottrill Arbutina, CPAs, is assisting our Supervisory Committee in performing an account verification.  Please review the accuracy of your account balance(s) on your December 2019 statement.  If you agree with your account balance(s) on your statement, no reply is necessary.  If you discover a discrepancy, please contact Cottrill Arbutina, CPAs, directly at 724-683-3400 or in writing at 525 Third Street, Beaver, PA  15009.

It is possible that you may be selected to receive a letter from Cottrill Arbutina, CPAs, asking you to confirm account information and reply directly to them.  Any correspondence you receive from Cottrill Arbutina, CPAs, has been authorized by Beaver Valley Federal Credit Union.  Your personal information is protected by Beaver Valley Federal Credit Union and Cottrill Arbutina, CPAs, and will remain confidential.

Please do not send payments, deposits, or other correspondence to Cottrill Arbutina, CPAs.

Account verifications are required by the National Credit Union Administration, (NCUA).  The NCUA is the independent federal agency that regulates, charters, and supervises federal credit unions, including Beaver Valley Federal Credit Union.