Online Banking Security

What WE do to secure your account

When you use TellerNet, you are entering a secure area. Consider these safeguards:

  • Password Protection - Before using online credit union services, you develop a secret password that only you know. This assures that you, and only you, have access to your accounts.
  • PassMark Protection - A picture and text phrase at log-in will protect you from accidentally revealing your User ID and password to a fake site.
  • Encryption - Once online with your credit union, your transactions and personal information are secured by sophisticated encryption software that converts the information into code readable by only your credit union.

What YOU can do to secure your account

  • Formulate a password known only to you and never reveal it to anyone. Don't use your address, telephone number, birth date or social security number.
  • Don't leave your computer unattended with your account on the screen. If you must leave, then log off.
  • Log off properly when you have completed your online business. Follow the secure area exit instructions - assuring your electronic security.
  • Regular e-mail is generally not encrypted - don't send sensitive financial information in this manner.
  • Review your account statements regularly and report any irregularities to your credit union immediately.

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Multi-Factor Log-In Security

Your TellerNet account is protected with a higher level of security. The Online Access security enhancements better protect you against online theft and fraud, provide you with more peace of mind when banking online, and help minimize the risk of falling victim to a "spoofed" website.

How It Works
You will complete a simple, one-time enrollment process the first time you log into the enhanced system.

  1. You’ll select a picture from on online library of images; the image will be displayed to you on future TellerNet access logins. The image is known only to you and the credit union.
  2. You’ll enter a word or phrase that will be displayed along with your image when you login. The text phrase is known only to you and the credit union.
  3. You’ll select three "Challenge Questions" and provide the answers to the questions.

Logging into TellerNet

After enrollment, when you log into TellerNet you’ll enter your User ID. Then, we’ll show you the picture and text phrase you selected. If the image and phrase shown to you are correct, you’ll continue with the login and enter your password. This is your assurance that you are logging into the legitimate BVFCU home banking website, since no one else knows your image and text phrase – only you and us.

Challenge Questions
Challenge questions will only be displayed if you log into TellerNet from a different computer than you used when you enrolled. If we don’t recognize the computer, we will double check that it is really you. This is another layer of security designed to protect your account from unauthorized access if your account information is stolen, and help us identify you when you are logging into TellerNet from an unknown computer. You’ll have the opportunity to "register" computers you regularly use to access your online account. Once you successfully answer the question, we’ll show you your picture and phrase. This enhanced security will not require you to have any additional hardware or software for your computer. All of the identification and validation takes place behind the scenes – creating a silent but secure login.